The Leading Edge: Umpire Stories

S2 - Bottom of the 2nd - Trevor Stoyko

March 19, 2021

On this episode Leading Edge Entertainment sits down with 40-year umpire veteran – Trevor Stoyko.

Topics covered are his experiences working both baseball and softball in Canada.  Working Baseball in South East Saskatchewan and Independent Professional Baseball around the country, his works in professional wrestling, living on the road in the Western Canadian Baseball League, the time he got to umpire Alice Cooper and Much Much more!


So, sit back, relax, get ready – it’s coming


Joe Carter Home Run - Dave Phillips removes his hat to watch Joe Touch first:


Consider Organ Donation Registration today:


Layne Meko book reference (Acceptance is Not Surrender: A Little Girl, an Old Man and One Man's Story of Hope - William S. Sutherland):

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